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Patrice Mesnier Métal Sculptor and Art Designer

Born in Paris 18th of mai 1945.

Howing it's artistic talents to both, his father, Paul Mesnier, movie maker, and his mother, Andrée Servilanges, actress (student of Louis Jouvet), Patrice Mesnier was very young,14 years old, when he entered the Academie Julian.

Facinated by horses since always, he strated horseback riding at 11, and communicate his passion with drawing horses.

At 15, he prepares and participate in numerous personal or collective exhibitions as l’Art Libre and Jeune Peinture.

One year later, in Montparnasse, he approached the art of sculpture with Jean Tinguely and Nicky de Saint Phalle, in the old studio of Brancusi, and became the student of the famous sculptor Del Debbio.

Bit by bit he became a kind of "Knight of Iron" of sculpture after he adopted his favorite material, the one which permit him a large expression possibility to communicate motion.

His art work is purchased by art collectors as much in Paris, New-York, Buenos-Aires, London, Amsterdam, Palm-Beach, Rome or Saint-Moritz.

In february 1998, he has been choosen by the Taylor Fundation to make an exhibition. He also has been honnored or invited in numerous art shows (salons d’art animalier de Nançay, Rambouillet, Marly le Roi, La Celle Saint Cloud, Salon de Saumur "Horse and Legend", and the first art show for artists specialized in animals of the Museum d’Histoire Naturelle de Paris). He exhibited at the Théâtre équestre Zingaro, at Musée vivant du cheval of Chantilly for the exhibition " Le Derby du cheval dans l'art ".  At special occasions like Le Prix de Diane of Chantilly,  or tournaments at the Polo Club of Chantilly's Domaine, he participates with pleasure.

Selling my french mill:

I will leave my mill workshop to a new place.

So I sell my mill:

783 m2 Carrez law, situated in quiet, in a village

5 minutes from the Zac de Beauvais (Beauvais center10 minutes), with 60 m2 living already remade to nine and the rest in dependency structure over 3 floors.

Converts into a giant loft or potential for several apartments.

L small garden overlooking river approximately 100 m2.,

Overlooking an island inconstructible and trees.

Selling Price 280 000 €

Contact me by mail or by phone: 0615157879



l"atelier du sculpteur Patrice Mesnier dans l'Oise, France

In 1985, he transforms an old Picard Mill into a studio and devote his all time to metallic sculpture.


With raw iron pounded, soldered et sheened he creates unique figures always in some estonishing motion shape.

Polo, bullfighting, horses, which he explores all of the aspects, all kind of the world animals (pets or wild), imaginary, myths and légends are the matters which nourishes the most his creativity spirit.

Patrice Mesnier et son Dinosaure ou Allosaurus dans son atelier de l'Oise

The most spectacular : his gigantic dinosaur has been displayed in the gardens of the Museum d’Histoire Naturelle of Paris (France) for a few months .


Ambiance d'atelier de sculpture sur fond de Dinosaure de Patrice Mesnier

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