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Le Cheval

From 11 July to 31 August 2009

Galerie de Tourgeville


Patrice Mesnier presents a dozen sulptures with other artists in this place very friendly,
3 minutes from the center of Deauville.


For lovers of polo:

Do not miss the tournament to 40 goals, one in France to be held in Deauville on 1 August 2009



As part of its Feria, the city of Vauvert organized an exhibition "Toreador from 11 June to 04 July 2009 at the Espace Jean Jaurès

From sculpture to painting, and from the drawing, more than fifty maestros coming costumes illuminate lights in a few large Matador de Toros that are Castella, Lore, Millian, or even The Sur, San Gillen, Villanueva, Soto ... The biggest names in contemporary art french (Viallat Clement, Bioul, Cervera, Chambas, Ben, Erro, Vila, Patrice Mesnier, Fauchier, De Rougemont, Titus-Carmel, Kermarrec, Messac and j 'forgets certainly many others) are in this crazy adventure together around a common theme: Bullfighting

Animal sculptures and drawings by Patrice Mesnier

and sculptures by Sophie Jouan

were exposed at an "evening dedication" on Monday

1st December 2008

Gallery Art'ung.

Isabelle Brisson l' auteur, dédicaçait ses


"Les doigts de pieds en éventail..."

"Langue de vipère et oeil de biche"

illustrés par Piem également présent.



The unicorn Patrice Mesnier

is set from 9 October 2008 to 9 January 2009

Court, 3 rue du Baillage



Galerie Bertrand Wemaere / Expert artefacts

3 rue du Baillage
78000 - Versailles
01 39 50 42 90



Variations Animales

from 4 to 28 June 2008

Gallery Art'Ung

75003 - Paris

01 39 50 42 90




                          frog and blue bird                                                              crocodile   



"...During fourty years, Patrice Mesnier practise or rub elbows with everything that concerns horse matters. Horse rider, hunter, polo player , Patrice Mesnier, a perfect eye, memorized all movements of the art of horse riding. Golfers and toreadors have been examined in every detail. Those observations have now been squirted and creative.
Patrice Mesnier, produces some master-pieces of art-motion whith talent and daring, precisely and accuratly. After his discovery of raw Iron and whith a lot of solitary work, his powerfull and precise art explodes. He found the way to give to us all he collected since then, his real need to create is obvious. It is wonderfull, full of action, nerver just elegant or easy.
Contemplating, breathless, everyone of us can imagine oneself in a known situation or short-lived by the ones who practise this admirable union between the horse rider and the horse. Eye is not suffisant, the art of sculpture strongly holded, touching it completes the discovery. Bertrand Wemaere - Art objects expert - Versailles (France)

"...Patrice Mesnier's horses are delicate, full-blooded, majestics and always in motion. He knows them so much that he dose'nt need any pattern. To look at them, one could think they are alive. Human figures are progressively entering his creative universe..." Pierre Louis - Equus Magazine 1996.

"...Patrice MESNIER : Sculptor, Art-designer born in 1945. Del Debbio's student during few years, settled his private studio in the Oise depatment, in France. Bullfighting, Polo, Hounds hunting, Horse races, Golfing and imaginary animals stay its favorite themes. Raw Iron pounded, solded and sheened make alive its unique figures, always in motion. He holds exhibitions in a few French and European art-galleries.
"...whithin classic bases, for this artistic quality, figurative, the artist, following the motion representation, knows how to escape to go to the essentiel, looking for simplicity and style. However, the quality of details beeing displayed, the amateurs of such or such discipline, are never desappointed..." Bénédicte Giniaux

"...Patrice Mesnier, elegance and power... Patrice Mesnier tranform iron into life white heated by passion and impulsion. From formless metal, cutting and solding, the elegant power of an argentin gaucho mastering a young stallion uprise. His absolutly accurate ganze and his poetic sensitivity transmits the dramatic force of the instant with his "Tensed Picador" on an imaginary bull, there but not there.»... Gilles de Labriffe / Art Shaker Gallery / 8, rue Grégoire de Tours - 75006 Paris (France)

"...Patrice Mesnier is not a sculptor like the others: he dose'nt carve, he draws in three densions... / ...nothing is colder than metal. Between his hands, it becomes heat, life and motion. Horse is probably his best achievement, but every elegant creature is involved in his art... / ...In his studio in the Oise (France), he bends, pounds, solders thousand little pieces of metal together..." / Worth the trip ...» Louis hauser

"...Patrice Mesnier's latest sculptures just arrived in the art-gallery. His soldered Iron structures reminds somehow Gustave Eiffel's, as well as their power reminds of Giacometti's. However, his strong personality, and his creation of animals, notably horses, insects, bullfighting, polo players have since a long time made him be a unique sculptor who conquered the public of collectors of art, in France and beyond: Switzerland, Netherlands, United-States, Argentina, London... I am honored by the presence of my artist friend..." F.Novarino / Painter et Gallery owner





Soudure savante sur un sujet scupté par Patrice Mesnier   Ambiance d'ateleir de Patrice Mesnier, sculpteur métal

National Museum of Natural History (Paris-France)
Un crocodile et un dinosaure au Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle de Paris, France, Signature Patrice Mesnier
By Sauvat and Cesar, a crocodile at the Museum of Natural History
A dinosaure In the Museum gardens…

Grand prix de l'Arc de Triomphe 2006

Village d'Honneur  à Longchamp

Galerie Bertrand Wemaere


Bertrand Wemaere / Expert en objets d’art

3 rue Bailliage - 78000 Versailles - Tél. : (33) 01 39 50 42 90


Chevaux 2003 - 2004

"...Patrice MESNIER : Sculptor, Art-designer born in 1945. Del Debbio's student during few years, he settled his private studio in the Oise department, in France. Bullfighting, Polo, Hounds hunting, Horse races, Golfing and imaginary animals remains its favorite themes. Raw Iron pounded, soldered and sheened render alive its unique figures, always in motion. He holds exhibitions in a few French and European art-galleries.

Archer Japonais, sculpture de Patrice Mesnier
Ehibition at Zingaro's Equestrian Theater
Don quichotte chevauchant, sculpture de Patrice Mesnier

Exhibition "horses" at Zingaro's Equestrian Theater in Aubervilliers (93)

from 25th octobre 2003 to 29th february 2004

"...Patrice Mesnier, sculpt with raw iron pounded, soldered and sheened, horses, animals... The association "La Main du Jour" propose to discover through their art work 6 contemporary artists. This exhibition takes place in the beautiful equestrian theater Zingaro in Aubervilliers..." - Claire Feltesse

Trophée de Polo, signé Patrice Mesnier Remise de trophée au Polo, trophée signé Patrice Mesnier Trophée pour le Poo-Club d'Apremont, signé Patrice Mesnier
for polo tournaments (september 2001)
Trophée Patrice Mesnier pour l'hippodrome de Vincennes à Paris, France

or for trot racing at Vincennes Racecourse

Exhibition at Polo Club d'Apremont for (among others) the famous Prix de Diane
International Polo Guide
Exposition au Polo-club d'Apremont, France   Couverture de l'International Polo Guide, illustré par deux sculptures de Patrice Mesnier

Taylor Fundation
february 1998 siding with Paul Collomb
Sculpture métal de Peticeros préparant un cheval pour le Polo, par Patrice Mesnier sculpteur métal

Allosaurus Patrice Mesnier au grand marché de l'Art à la Bastille, Paris, France
The " Allosaurus" at Grand Marché de l'Art at Bastille (Paris)
Détail d'Allosaurus ou Dinosaure de Patrice Mesnier, sculpteur Métal

at the SEL
Guest of honnor at Garenne Colombes
at the Gallery Villa Antica

Salon de Saumur "Horse and Legend"
Pégase ou Pegasus au salon de Saumur, France par Patrice Mesnier

Chantilly's Musée Vivant du Cheval (Oise - France)
Le Derby du Cheval dans l'Art, exposition au Musée du Cheval de Chantilly, œuvres de Patrice Mesnier

" Horse Derby in Art "

"Chantilly's Musée vivant" proposed in april 1999, an exhibition called:

"Horse Derby in Art". Thirty six painters and sculptor were gathered for this event. Patrice Mesnier, was one of them, siding by other artists like, Yvan Benoist-Gironière, Sauvat, Marine Oussedick, Frédéric JAGER...»

The main theme was  : for each specificity, one horse (polo, races , hound hunting…)

 Renting sculptures for movies  : (The dinosaur & the vulture, are in Zulawski's movie "la fidélité")

Le Dinosaure dans le film "La Fidélité" avec Sophie Marceau, par Patrice Mesnier   Le Dinosaure de Patrice Mesnier dans le film "La Fidélité" a côté du Rhiocéros de Dali

One scene of the movie with Sophie Marceau, Patrice Mesnier's dinosaur… siding by Dali's rhinoceros

Exhibitions in private homes

in a manoir near Chantilly

during the polo season

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